"We consider ourselves to be a specialty service, solving customer’s problems as well as calibrating their equipment."

—Ray Wood, President

gage block lab Gage Gauge Block Calibration

Peak performance comes from the details

We apply as much energy to the details as we do to calibrating your Gage(Gauge) Blocks.

We pack every gage carefully

...and safely so it arrives at your facility in the same condition it left ours. It is just as important to ship the gage block packaged correctly as it is to calibrate it accurately.

The finest complete gage block calibration services available

We have specially designed and engineered a lab that strictly controls environmental factors to assure complete accuracy.  This facility combined with state of the art measuring equipment and skilled technicians produces the most reliable calibration results.

Special attention is given to each block 

Each Gage Block is individually cleaned, demagnetized and inspected for burrs, nicks or any other deviation producing flaw.

Full length, geometry and point-to-point measurements

... on square or rectangular gage blocks using a twin head gage block comparator.  Reporting and measurement are in compliance with Federal Specification GGG-G-15C and American National Standards Institute specification B89.1.9M.