"With Master Metrology we never are scrambling at the 11th hour because they stay on top of everything. They do such a great job for us, for all intents and purposes, they are a single source supplier."

—John Russell, Senior Quality Engineer

Using the latest in electronic calibrators, we calibrate a wide range of electronic measuring equipment.


We provide comprehensive calibration services on a wide range of electronic test and measureing equipment.

We offer both on-site and in-house calibration services. Using the latest in electronic calibrators, we perform a variety of electrical calibrations, plus time and frequency calibrations -- including:

  • DC Voltage & Current
  • AC Voltage & Current
  • DC Resistance
  • Capacitance
  • AC/DC Power
  • Temperature & Humidity

....and these services can be custom-tailored to meet your specific needs.

Your Total Services Package Includes:

  • Cleaning & Identification
  • Calibration & Adjustment
  • Data Entry & Data Management
  • Paperless Certs
  • Web Portal Access
  • Recall Management & Scheduling




  • Current Clamp Meters from $55
  • Multimeters from $55
  • Oscilloscopes from $160
  • RTD Type Temp Indicators from $45
  • Tachometers from $80
  • Temp/Humidity Chart Recorders from $75
  • Temp/Humidity Meters from $30
  • Thermocouples from $45


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