"Master Metrology saved my bacon. One night we absolutely had to have our gages calibrated by 8:00 a.m. the next morning when a government inspector was marching through our doorway. They worked all night to get the job done for me. I’d never expect to get that kind of service from another vendor."

—Kevin Thornton, Quality Manager, William T. Burnett & Company

Calibration services are provided using standards traceable to NIST or the appropriate National Standards. Certificates of Calibration are provided with all applicable NIST or Certificate Trace Number(s).


We provide comprehensive physical/dimensional calibration services all types of gages (guages) and dimensional tools including: thread gages, pin gages, ring gages, plug gages and most other dimensional gages, measuring tools and standards.

Our services are performed, on-site or in our environmentally controlled labs by a highly experienced staff, and we also provide the value-added services listed below at no additional charges.

....and these services can be custom-tailored to meet your specific needs.

Your Total Services Package Includes:

  • Cleaning & Identification
  • Sealing and Preservation
  • Calibration & Adjustment
  • Data Entry & Data Management
  • Paperless Certs
  • Web Portal Access
  • Recall Management & Scheduling



Calibration & Metrology Services For:

  • Thread Plug Gages from $10.50/member includes data
  • Thread Ring Gages from $14 includes data
  • Hand Tools from $25
  • Pin Sets from $0.80/pin
  • Plain Ring Gages from $15 includes data
  • Plain Plug Gages from $9.50 includes data
  • Thread Setting Wires from $14/bottle includes data
  • Combination Squares from $16
  • Levels from $25
  • Protractors from $27


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